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Alcohol: 10,96°
Acidity: 3,36 grs/l
Residual sugar: 166,9 grs/l

TASTING NOTES: The colour is golden yellow with light green reflections, of good intensity. The disk is bright, limpid and transparent. The wine is agreeably young.The nose is open, pleasant and intense. Candied, we perceive a dominant of exotic fruity scents like banana, mango, passion fruit, lychee and floral notes like rose. Airing enhances the previous aromas and reveals spices like ginger and cumin. The nose is splendid. It expresses with great precision the beautiful overripe varietal complexity. Exemplary.The onset in the mouth is dense, fleshy and liquorous. With a superb silky sensation, the alcohol support is balanced. The wine evolves in the medium with fine liveliness, marked by a sparkling note. The range of aromas is similar to that of the nose. A persistent note of exotic fruits like banana, mango, lychee and passion fruit along with spices like cumin, ginger and flowers, the rose. The finish has a beautiful length, 9-10 caudalies, and a fine underlying liveleness.The structure of this wine is complete. Botrytis adds a large dimension, extroverts the grape variety and magnifies all aspects of this wine.

FOOD PAIRING: Serve in priority with blue cheeses like Bleu de Termignon or with desserts, white peaches, praline biscuit and green tea sabayon or roasted apricot with lavender, citron sorbet.

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