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Piccini family has a winemaking tradition since 1882. Under the guidance of Mario Piccini, the IV generation, Piccini is today one of the most distinctive, dynamic and innovative family owned Italian wine company. Mario Primo Chianti is classic and contemporary, a project that is based on the style of the Chianti 1930s: a reinterpretation of the Chianti of the ’30s, as it was made almost 100 years back by Mario detto Primo, the second generation of the family.

Classification: Chianti Docg
Grapes: 80% sangiovese, 10% canaiolo, 10% malvasia e trebbiano toscano
Winemaker: Antonella Conti

TASTING NOTES: The use of the Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes, although in small proportions, gives the wine a particularly lively color, with shades that resemble bright ruby red and a taste where freshness predominates. The nose has important fruity flavors, particularly red and plum cherry with delicate spicy musk fragrances. A palate of great softness and low tannic levels, intensely fruity, light and delicious. A fresh, light wine with a low alcohol content goes well with tapas and pizza. Enjoy at 10 – 12 °C!


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