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Characteristics: This wine is been made from grapes grown on the slopes of the Pont du Gard, on limestone-clay soils formed in the Villafranchian stage. Average production : 150,000 bottles (75cl.) per year. Grape variety : 100% Viognier.

Wine Making: Most of the time, the grapes are harvested at night, in order to take advantage of the cooler temperature at the time of the vatting. After destemming, the grapes are transferred to the tanks for low-temperature maceration and skins contact process. Once pressed and the grape sediments set, the alcoholic fermentation is stimulated by specific inoculation.

Maturing: In order to keep the wines fresh, and to bring them balance and delicacy, they do not undergo malolactic fermentation. They are held in stainless steel tanks until bottling time, which takes place after a light fining and filtration, ensuring that the wine remains stable.

Tasting notes: An intense, bright colour, with a golden hue. To the nose the specific aromas of the grape variety are to the fore, with apricots, peaches, exotic fruits and preserverd citrus fruit. The palate is both smooth and fresh, finishing on dried fruits hint.

Food and wine pairing: Cold cuts, steamed fishes with lemon and butter sauce. Asparagus, artichoke.

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