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LOCATION: The Kessler grows on a sandstone soil and displays in its centre a valley that is globally facing east, south-east, south-east, which protects it from north winds and cold air streams brought by the valley of Guebwiller. As a natural extension of the Grand Cru Kitterlé, its subsoils are reddish over Vosgean sandstone bedrock. At its base, an outcrop of limestone results in clay soils.

WINE-MAKING: Whole grape pressing, static racking. Fermentation in thermocontrolled tuns for 1 to 4 months. Ageing on fine lees for 8 months. Grapes were harvested the 21st october 2009. Bottled the 2nd January 2012.

TASTING: The robe is pale golden yellow with lime reflections. The disk is bright and moderately thick, the legs are present and join the wine with elegance and viscosity. The colour is bright, clear and transparent. A fresh and young robe.The first olfactory approach is pleasant and expressive. I can sense a variation around citrus fruits scent, particularly lemon. Fragrances of aromatic herbs such as lime blossom and citronella complete this range.After aeration, the aromas are expressed with force and magnitude. The lemon aromas are confirmed, marked by the zest, as well as kumquat. A minerality marked by a saline character emerges and combines with the smell of freshly cut grass. A complex and charming nose that is already well open.On the palate, the onset is clear; this wine is to be enjoyed dry. A dense structure is revealed and adds straight and nervous freshness to an ample and wide volume. A very nice balance which forms the aromatic base of this wine. I rediscover citrus fruits flavours evolving on the grapefruit zest and hints of herbs such as bay leaves and hay. This explosion of aromas is then followed by noble bitters highlighting a subtle saline minerality that imprints the length of the finish of 6 to 7 caudalies, leading to a chamomile finish. A lively mouth and imprinted by its aromatic complexity.

GASTRONOMY: Serve with : fish grilled on grapevine twigs or in papillote, vegetable terrine.Example : grilled sea bream with fenel, bouillabaisse.Serve at a temperature of 12°C.