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DELAS, VACQUERAS, "Domaine des Genêts" 2017

DELAS, VACQUERAS, "Domaine des Genêts" 2017

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Delas Frères began its partnership with "Domaine des Genets" in 1990. It consists of the winemaking for 25 hectares/62 acres, and involves vineyard management and all stages of production up to and including the making of Delas' "Vacqueyras Domaine des Genêts". Average production: 30,000 bottles (75 cl.) per year. Grape varieties : Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre are the main grape varieties used in this wine.

Wine Making: 
After de-stemming and crushing of the crop, alcoholic fermentation takes place closed tanks over a period of 15 days. In order to improve extraction, daily pumping over is carried out. Temperatures are controlled and between 82°F to 86°F (28 to 30°C). After drawing-off and pressing, malolactic fermentation takes place in tanks.

The wine are kept in tanks in order to preserve the fruit aromas. They are regularly racked to provide natural stabilisation of their components. The "Domaine des Genêts" "cuvée" is then bottled following maturing, which can last up to twelve months.

Tasting notes: 
The colour is of a ruby red hue with bright tinges. The nose shows a series of complex aromas that range from very ripe fruits to black cherries and other stone fruit. This is lifted by a touch of liquorice. On the palate we have a full-bodied, well built wine that has just the right amount of power. The long finish in the mouth is a sign that this wine has good potential for laying down.

Food and wine pairing: 
Ideal with simple "Provençale" cuisine, stews, beef in sauce. It goes well with any kind of cheese.
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