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Every year we offer many Wine Tastings & Seminars for your own education and development. There’s no doubt that when you follow some simple rules of Savoir Vivre well… then you know how to live.
  • Introductory Wine Seminars – The simple pleasures in life are exactly what make life interesting. The time of ‘enjoying’ our whisky or questionable-quality brandy with our food thank God is long gone. Learn how to taste wine, how wine is made, the main varieties and major wine producing regions of the world.
  • Specialized Wine Seminars & Master Classes – Join us for some in-depth wine seminars of wine regions from around the world. Learn everything there is to know about those regions, their wines, the pairing with local cuisines and more…
  • Grand Portfolio Tasting ‘Nicosia Wine Expo’ – Join the fun every year around November at the biggest and most professional wine tasting of the island with more than 300 wines from all over the world. Taste wines from all of our producers and meet some of them face to face.
  • CORPORATE GIFTS & DELIVERY SERVICE – Browse our catalogue and order that special gift for that special associate and we will do the rest. We deliver all over Cyprus. Hampers, baskets, wooden-boxes and more to find the perfect gift for every occasion. For gift packages please see pages 34 & 35.
  • Home Delivery Service – We deliver our products all over the island so you don’t have to come to us to get our wines. We are just a phone call away.
  • Cellar Management & Building – So you learned a few things about wine, and you’d like to start building up your cellar. We can help you (free of charge), based on your preferences what are the best choices for short, medium and long-term cellaring. We can also evaluate your current cellar and let you know of the optimum drinking-windows for your wines.
  • Quantity and Loyalty Discounts – You treat us well, we do the same too! We offer special prices for large quantities of wines for special occasions (home dinners, parties, weddings and more). Additionally, we offer discounts for our loyal customers on the wines we import and distribute.
  • ‘Importer’s Discount’ – So the rules have changed and we now operate on multiple levels of cooperating with our customers. Pre-order and pre-pay your wines and get the Special ‘Importer’s’ Discount at unbeatable prices. Only case quantities apply here.
  • Fine and Rare Wines – As our network in the International Wine Industry grows stronger we are in position to acquire certain wines and vintages that are not widely available. Those wines are being offered strictly on a first-come first-served basis.

Communication and Social Media – All of the above are being communicated with our customers on a frequent basis on our social media. Additionally you can stay up-to-date with our offers and events by subscribing to our newsletter.

Your TRUSTED wine shop


The journey of Vino Cultura in Cyprus began in 2006 from our first wine shop in Nicosia and from that moment our sole goal was to build something that our future children would be proud of. We had a vision, we had patience and most of all we had and still have your support!

We opened Vino Cultura in 2006 and we’ve created some buzz with the innovative and meticulous design and decor for a wine shop. Year by year, and season by season we have been updating and upgrading our portfolio according to your demands and our tastes. We were the first to market wine according to its style and not its country of origin, variety or price. We were amongst the first to introduce wines with screw-caps, amongst the first to introduce new world wines because of their great value, amongst the first to introduce varieties unheard of to the public before like torrontes, verdejo, touriga, kydonitsa, albarino etc. We wanted to sell wines and other drinks that were not heavily branded and marketed, but instead those who reflect the regions where they come from.

In the last 8 years we have witnessed an amazing growth and development in our market, and now our customers are more demanding than ever before. They have more knowledge than ever before and most importantly they are looking for the best value their money can buy.

In the last 10 years WE have also grown, and OUR BELIEFS have grown stronger than ever before. Wine is not to be treated like any other beverage simply because it’s NOT like any other beverage.

Wine is born from the hard work of hard working people and this is exactly what we should be looking for and enjoy with every bottle of wine we buy and consume.

Silvia Altare, daughter of Elio Altare (the great Modernist of Barolo) is faithfully continuing her father’s modernist legacy; isn’t she now creating tradition? Louis Latour which is one of the last great family-owned and run wineries (since 1797) is too large to support? Produttori del Barbaresco, Tedeschi (Valpolicella), Dougos (Rapsani), Argyros (Santorini), Aivalis (Nemea), Dalamaras (Naoussa), Gentilini (Kefalonia), Donnhoff, Vollrads (Germany) and many more are not considered local for Cyprus, but then again what is local in the age of globalization and how else would we be complete without those wines?

We live in a time that huge corporations have invaded every single part of our life and are now making a move on the wine industry as well. At a time when INTEGRITY is not an important quality anymore and greed, vanity and corruption is what we face every day, we need something AS PURE AS LIFE itself. Wine can give you that, if you know where to look; If you listen to its stories, who made it and where it comes from.

More details on the services we offer, wine tastings, wine seminars, dinners, wine offers, cellar management and more.

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